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Read Me

			Perl module: XML::XSLT

Copyright (c) 1999 Geert Josten & Egon Willighagen.
Copyright (c) 2001 Mark A. Hershberger
Copyright (c) 2001-2013 Jonathan Stowe.

All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself. 

The Perl licence can be found in the README file in the Perl source

Information can be found at: http://xmlxslt.sourceforge.net/ 

The sourcecode is currently hosted at https://github.com/jonathanstowe/XML-XSLT
please feel free to fork and submit pull requests.

The module can be found at:


Expect the interface to change between versions.

This is a Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets. For a
description of the XSLT, see http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt. Currently, it
uses XML::Parser and XML::DOM, but an effort is being made to use

XML::Parser is a Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser,
expat.  It requires at least version 5.004 of perl and can be found on

XML::DOM is a Perl module that allows XML::Parser to build an Object
Oriented data structure with a DOM Level 1 compliant interface.

While we are working towards conformance with the W3 spec, this is an
alpha version and the module does not conform to the XSLT working
draft at this moment. New releases will be announced on the perl-xml
mailing list [You can subscribe to this list by sending a message to
subscribe-perl-xml@lyris.activestate.com] and to the XML::XSLT mailing
list [subscribe by sending a message to

Please post bug reports to <https://sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=6054>

To configure this module, cd to the directory that contains this
README file and type the following.

	perl Makefile.PL

Then to build you run make.


Run the tests:

        make test

If you have write access to the perl library directories, you may then
install by typing (as superuser):

	make install

If you want to install this module somewhere other than the standard location
then you should use:

 	perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/location/of/libs

at the first stage above and then in a program that wants to use the module
you should put:

	use lib qw(/locations/of/libs/lib/perl5);

early on in the program.


This module requires XML::DOM (and its dependency XML::Parser) and also
requires Test::More to perform its tests.

Since version 0.50 it also depends on XML::DOM::XPath which removes some of
the pain with parsing XPath expressions