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Version 1.0 of "XmlRpc C++ client for Windows"

The first stable release of "XmlRpc C++ client for Windows" has been made.

It's a C++ XmlRpc library, client side only at this stage, for Windows. It's built on top of WinInet rather than reimplementing the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and therefore has automatic support for SSL.

It also fixes some significant performance issues with the related "XmlRpc++" project.

It is working well on 2 separate projects, but I'm keen to hear from other developers who have downloaded it.... read more

Posted by Tim Cooper 2009-04-25


"XmlRpc C++ for Windows" lets you write Windows client programs in C++ which talk to web services using XmlRpc.

It's not the only such library, but it is different in that it is built on top of the WinInet library, which means (a) it supports HTTPS and (b) it is tiny (17K download!).

Version 0.9 is released. Before I call this 1.0, I'd like one other person to confirm that they were able to use the library. Calling for a beta-tester!... read more

Posted by Tim Cooper 2009-03-27