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Documents 2015-05-14 yaakuro yaakuro [586ce3] Addapted docu to new XML file structure
XdevL 2015-05-14 yaakuro yaakuro [d79531] Adding new basic type of NSIS installer script
XdevLDemos 2015-05-14 yaakuro yaakuro [9c70e0] Removing not needed files
XdevLPlugins 2015-05-14 yaakuro yaakuro [2c6c86] Fix for relative path error on cmake
.gitignore 2015-04-07 yaakuro yaakuro [e5aed3] Fixed added new methods
CMakeLists.txt 2015-04-08 yaakuro yaakuro [4d501f] Changed XdevLFileSystem plugin folders 2015-05-14 Yaakuro Yaakuro [840e0b] Create
Version.txt 2015-01-10 yaakuro yaakuro [ae3446] Changed xml filename type

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XdevL is a powerful cross-platform C++ Object and Plug-In Oriented programming framework which helps you developing Games or device oriented applications. The whole system can be extended using/developing additional Plugins which makes it extreme flexible.