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Upcoming release

The promised release is still some time away, as I aim to integrate it into the FreeBSD ports tree. As you might have noticed, ECL is now in the tree, too. Some weeks from now, you will probably be able to say "portinstall xchat-ecl-plugin" and be done with it.

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2004-07-27

So much activity!

Since I created a cliki page, visitor counts explode. So to say at least. :) This means for me: Create a new release that comes with all the funky, new documentation for users to play around, without having to grab sources from CVS. Stay tuned.

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2004-07-01

Texinfo documentation

I was more productive than I thought. Complete documentation in texinfo format is now in CVS. The created PDF looks nice. I like texinfo. ;-)

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2004-06-23


Work is underway to convert existing .txt-only documentation to texinfo. You will get a nicely formatted manual in whatever format you like this way. But this is also the time for any ideas or comments regarding the manual.

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2004-06-22

ECL matures

Hello folks,

as ECL matures, our little X-Chat plugin adapts to the growing feature list. The plugin shared library is now dynamically linked to ECL reducing its size to <40 KB on my system. The Lisp part of the plugin now is compiled, too. Note that you need the CVS version of ECL to use the plugin. ECL 0.9c is not sufficient!

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2003-11-02

Common Lisp scripting for X-Chat!

Hello lisp lovers,

the time has come where Perl and Python are not the only scripting languages for our beloved IRC client X-Chat. I prepared an initial release of an interface plugin that allows scripting in Common Lisp. It works. It has documentation. It has small examples. Try it out!

Posted by Julian Stecklina 2003-07-28