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Read Me

WoW Betsystem (MaNGOSVersion)
Autor: No3x
All you have to know:
If you use this System you agree with: The script will exchange some informations about your website to my server. 
This informations are the URL(Domain) and die IP of your website.
Some Rights reserved by No3x. 
Please don't touch the links, it's not allowed to you!
For support contact me (in english or german):

Server v3.3.5a
YTDB 0.13.5 CS556 + SD2 R1741 + MaNGOS 0.17.0 v10199

1. copie my system to C:\MaNGOS\miniServer\www
2. run the install/install.php for further directions
3. Make changes in the config.php &
4. Look for updates! Some bugs are still in this System! Use the bug tracker on
5. Run the index.php in the root and use the system.
6. Probably some code changes are needed, because of different WoW-Server-Database-Structures.

If you would like to use this system on you ArcEmu-Server contact me on! Probably I'll make a version for this emulator.

Some Rights reserved by No3x
Please don't touch the links, it's not allowed to you!