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wordcircle / News: Recent posts

version 2.13

9/13/2004 - fixed file upload bug
9/13/2004 - prepared entire architecture for more oo approach - new file names - some empty files are placeholders for what is coming - others will evolve in the next release.
9/13/2004 - released version 2.10

9/13/2004 - fixed html allowed characters in messages / news etc
9/13/2004 - released version 2.11

9/13/2004 - made calendar work for PHP installations without calendar functionality enabled
9/13/2004 - released version 2.13

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-09-14

207 change log

9/9/2004 - added calendar functionality to classes.php line 918 and v_calendar.php (majority of page)
9/9/2004 fixed some typos in the welcome page
9/10/2004 - fixed category listing on v_discuss.php line 391
9/10/2004 - fixed mandatory setting in v_work.php lin 253
9/10/2004 - released version 2.07

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-09-10

Version 2.05 released

Very big bug fixed. Seems that since version 1.01 it has been impossible to read anyone else's messages except your own! This is the advantage of having users. Now I get to really see how the product works in a live environment

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-09-04

2.03 released

2.03 is now available. The application looks totally different. I fixed a bunch of problems too.

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-09-03

wordcircle version 2.01 released!

This version has many new features. Some of them include a "projects" module: students can upload journal entries and files, choose to show them to others or keep them private. Pagination features have been added as well as some sysadmin features to see how much storage each course is taking up. Some visual enhancements as well as the ability to categorize discussions.

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-08-31

Version 1.06 released

Overhauled admin tools, you can now add links as documents. Changed database in preparation for projects. Changed thoughts to "news" and added course "overview"

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-08-17

First release now available

Installation is now automatic - help files are thorough and a number of modifications to look/feel style sheets complete.

User security has also been rebuilt

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-08-10

Release candidate ready

features have been modified so that you need not worry about your status as a teacher or student - they are the same thing now. Also able to change colors / header / footer. Included help file and installation file.

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-08-09

Third beta available

The third beta has been available for a week or so. It now supports document uploads and the ability to edit your user profile information.

There are lots of directions this could go. Assessment tools, a list of courses to opt into (in addition to the existing implementation of private courses through ID's).

There are a few bugs I am finding - one on the login page which is not so impressive, but things are generally stable beyond that.

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-07-30

First version - Beta

The first version of wordcircle is now available. Not functional yet: document upload, profile editing, multiple users with same email can register.

Please post comments about features you would like to see.

Posted by Matt Reider 2004-07-14