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VisPatch / News: Recent posts

VisPatch 1.4.6 is released

VisPatch version 1.4.6 is released: This is a maintainance release. Changes since the previous v1.4.5 include several code cleanups and handling the UAC trigger under 32 bit Windows Vista and newer due to the program's name containing the string "patch".

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2011-10-08

VisPatch 1.4.5

VisPatch version 1.4.5 is released. This is a maintainance release, changes since the previous 1.4.4 version include minor bug fixes and code tidy-up, support for MS Visual Studio, Win64 support and support for the mingw-w64 compiler toolchain.

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2009-02-03

VisPatch 1.4.4 is released

Version 1.4.4 of VisPatch is released.

VisPatch is a tool for patching quake maps for transparent water
in glquake. This release makes vispatch to write the bspfile lumps
in the "official" order with offsets aligned at 4 bytes. Some other
small clean-ups were made as usual.

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2008-03-18

VisPatch 1.4.3 is released

Version 1.4.3 of VisPatch is released. VisPatch is a tool
for patching the quake map files for water transparency in
glquake. This is a revised version of Andy Bay's 1.2a source
code for unix (linux, freebsd, ...), as well as windows. It
fixes a number of compilation issues, crashes and some other
bugs, and resolves endianness issues.

See at:

Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2008-01-18