#131 Save/restore windows sizes and positions


It would be interesting to be able to save all windows sizes and positions (on every desktop).
There would also be another right-menu entry to restore them all in their initial state.


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    or maybe as a module..

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  • This is very similar to what I've recently suggested in FR #3517485.


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    @ jeremynicoll : Are you talking about what you suggested here ?

    I don't think it's the same idea (at all).
    You are talking about "being able to issue any of the query commands and get a response written to stdout"... My idea is about saving and restoring (later) windows sizes and their positions.


    Back to the topic.
    Mockup image : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/154546ScreenShot001.png

    I forgot another idea :
    There could also be another option (a checkbox) in the "Windows Rules" settings simply named :
    [ x ] Restore Windows Status

    This way, each time the user would reapply rules, his windows sizes and positions would go back to normal as well.

  • @ xanax - It's that discussion thread yes, but I was referring to the most recent suggestion I'd made there, which was about a way to get VirtuaWin to generate a file containing a list of all the window positions etc across all desktops. Whereas you seemed to me to be wanting a way of saving the same info, perhaps to a file, so it could later be restored. Both problems need a list of the same data written to a file.

    I've used a program on another OS which when asked to, generates a script file with a series of commands, one for each of the windows which were active at the time. If the script file is run those commands reposition all the windows in the places they were at when the file was created. So if you move some windows around then rerun the script the windows return to the place they used to be in. An option like that would work for you and me.


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    Yeah, both our ideas merge together in some way.
    But I was thinking of something simple (as shown in my mockup image).


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    I have found the C code to save windows positions (maybe it can help the virtuawin developer who will want to add this idea so I post it here):


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  • This could be implemented using the VW Module interface - see the main WinList module to see how to get information on every managed window and VWPreview to see how to add actions to the VW control menu.

    I do not see this as a key feature so do not envisage this being added to the core. If Johan is in agreement we will probably close this request as a 'not going to implement' and leave it to someone else to create a VW Module.

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