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Read Me

Virtual Card Table v1.1


Python 2.7 from
Pygame 1.9.1 from

Install Procedure
To install the game, simply extract the game zip file into a folder of your choice.
Make sure you have added python to your system path if on windows.

Running the Game
Navigate to the game folder and either double click the icon of or type 'python' in console.

Playing the Game
You MUST change the settings.
The language entry must be 'en', 'es', or 'pl'.
If you want to host a game make sure the Server Host entry is the hostname of your computer.
If you are playing on someone else's computer put their IP address in the Server Host entry.
There are 100 randomly generated decks from the unlimited version of the game. Change the deckname to randomX where X is a number from 0 to 99.
Remote password and Server Port are the password and port of the server you are joining.
Password and Local Port are the password and port you want for your game to use when you host one.
The game only supports 2 players.

If you want to host a game, click on 'Start Local Server'. This will start the server running on your computer at the port chosen in settings.
You will need to open that port on your router so people can join your game.
When you are ready to play, click on 'Join Game'
When the table screen loads it will say "Alert! Waiting on Players..." at this point click the "Check" icon on the right to tell the server you are ready to play.
When all players are ready the game will begin loading decks. There must be 2 players ready to start a game.
When the game is ready to play an alet message will say so.
Now one of you may take their first turn.

Click on the drawpile to draw a card. Right click the draw, discard, or annihilated pile to view the cards within. You can drag cards into your hand from the tray. You much right click the pile again to close the tray.
Cards in hand are not visible to your enemy.
To put a card into play, drag it into the play area. It will automatically become visible to your opponent unless you put it into cover while it was in your hand.
To put a card into and out of cover, click the middle mouse button over the card.
To would a card, click the right mouse button over a card.
To place a marker over a card, click the left mouse button on a card, hold it, and then press the 'm' key on your keyboard. The marker can be aducsted by click the middle and right mouse buttons on it.
You can discard a card by dragging it into the discard pile area, the same goes for the annihilated pile and the draw pile.
You can give a card to your enemy by dragging it into his play area.
Promotion and destiny are displayed in the lower right of the screen. They are adjusted with the '+' and '-' icons.
You can send an alert to your enemy but clicking the 'ALERT' icon. This will sound an alarm and show an alert message indicating that you want your opponent to stop.
You can show your hand to your enemy by clickint the 'eye' icon in the lower right of the screen. New cards added to hand after the 'eye' is clicked will be hidden as normal. Click it again to hide all the cards in your hand.
You can start a text message by pressing 'Return' or '/'. You can then start typing. When finished, press 'Return' to send the message to your enemy.

The game works best when both players have access to voice chat like Skype, Google+ Hangout, Teamspeak, etc.

Known Issues
To start a new game the program must be restarted.
The server does not handle people leaving the game well. If a player crashes, quits or loses connection the game is over and the entire program must be restarted to begin a new game.

Roadmap for Version 2
Add other card games.
Add search through collection.
Add dedicated server.
Add client crash/disconnect handling by server.

I hope everyone enjoys this game. Have fun.

Program Code Copyright 2013 Jeffry Hysong under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License V2.0

The sound effects "Dark Underground Ticket No. 1" and "Sci F Alarm Loop 2" are Copyright