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debian 2011-06-19 Tony Sales Tony Sales [2b8a41] Updated contents to natty+fudge
gksu 2011-10-30 rob rob [113da1] removed some dvd packages
local-bin 2012-02-28 rob rob [4fa949] added usbinstall script from vinux 3.2.1
system 2011-11-22 rob rob [f6bdab] .
tinytrace 2010-03-27 Bill Cox Bill Cox [e20360] Added tinytrace utility for debugging ubiquity
vinux_data 2011-11-24 rob rob [2857f8] removed two extra sound themes to make space
Lucid 2011-05-13 vinux vinux [c81201] Updated to Lucid
Makefile 2011-11-21 rob rob [c8a4cf] moved sound files form makefile to set_vinux_gl...
README 2011-06-19 Tony Sales Tony Sales [2b8a41] Updated contents to natty+fudge
buildvinux 2011-12-03 rob rob [2b6dd0] removed pae
buildvinuxiso 2011-11-22 rob rob [520d07] fixed the ubiquity patch command format
issues.txt 2011-10-16 rob rob [826e2d] updated status of ff caret bugs#

Read Me

These scripts build a Vinux-like environment on top of Ubuntu.  So far, it only
works with Ubuntu Lucid.  You need to install before running the scripts, with:

sudo make install

There are five scripts installed, they should all be run with sudo (except volume_keys):

buildvinux - Updates sources.list, updates to latest, and runs restorespeech
             and set_vinux_globals.

restorespeech - Modifies system to allow speakup to run, and restores login
                window speech.

set_vinux_globals - Set's default Vinux keybindings, menus, and other user
	            settings for all users.  Optionally set Vinux-style desktop.

volume_keys - sets the gnome volume keybindings (don't run with sudo)
buildvinuxiso - After running buildvinux, run buildvinuxiso to create a Vinux
                ISO.  This removes many files from your system!  

In addition, we replace gksu with simple scripts that wrap around sudo,
since gksu causes problems with accessibility.  The issues.txt file is just an
informal list of tasks that need to be worked on.

Finally, the tinytrace directory is a simple trace program for python
applications.  It is included here since it was very helpful in
debugging ubiquity in Live CD mode.