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Read Me

version 0.1, stable, November 04, 2012, svn 589

2012 Copyright (C)

Igor David, <igord@bra.in.rs>
All rights reserved.


If you are using simple LAMP, you will (probably) will need sometimes to create new Apache vhost configuration.

This script is trying to automate that process.

vhosting is bash+python+mysql script for managing Apache virtualhosts.

Every vhost configuration have separated Linux account and DocumentRoot in /home/username/public_html


Use on RedHat/Centos OS.

Install Apache, Mysql, Php, whatever-is-needed, on your system.

Run as "root":


and follow the instructions. It will ask for mysql root password and will create new
database "vhosting".


All questions send to igord@bra.in.rs