Eclipse Version Tree Plugin / News: Recent posts

Versiontree 1.6 released

This Versiontree release was made to make Versiontree plugin compatible with Eclipse 3.4 (ganymede).

Posted by Dmitry Mitskevich 2008-11-05

Versiontree 1.3 released

Another great release of the version tree. This release
seeks to fix all known bugs. In addition we introduced a workaround that aims to fix a null pointer bug that we could not reproduce.

Posted by André Langhorst 2004-11-10

Versiontree 1.1 released (for Eclipse 3.0)

The Versiontree plugin is now ported to the final Eclipse 3.0 release. Eclipse 2.1.x development won't be continued.

Posted by Jan Karstens 2004-07-25

Versiontree 1.0 Release for Eclipse 3.0 M5

For all those outside working with bleeding edge technology. Version Tree is ported to Eclipse 3.0 M5. Check it out at

Posted by Jan Karstens 2003-12-10

Version Tree 1.0 Release

After a period of extensive re-writing, testing and features-adding Version Tree 1.0 has been released. Check it out at

Posted by André Langhorst 2003-12-09