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Read Me


UtiliTest is an open source user feedback program 
which is designed to perform various queries 
on the screen, especially for test of usability. 
Moreover, this small software provides formatted 
collect data as output which makes the future quantitative 
analysis easy. Its user interface is friendly.

UtiliTest is free software, released under the GNU GPL. 
This software can be copied, and distributed, with or without 
modifications; but a link to this site and/or 
the authors' information must be included on any copy.

We do not warrant that the software is error free or fit 
for any purpose.

User forum:

	UtiliTest.exe		program
	task_example.txt		example task file
	README.TXT		this file	

 * look&feel is not good under Linux
 * task file should not contain Byte Order Marker
 * GUI for task design 

    Teng Wen Xuan (
    Tan Ning (

If you find it useful, please tell us!