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Read Me

This is a couple of basic programs to drive the M&S USB Missile Launcher.

ctlmissile does all the actual work. You'll need libusb installed to compile
it, but assuming you have that typing "make" should do the trick. You can then

ctlmissile up
ctlmissile down
ctlmissile left
ctlmissile right
ctlmissile fire
ctlmissile stop

to do all the things you'd expect. Note you'll need to be root to use it. I
haven't figured out a nice way to use libusb yet as a user. Anyone got some

Oh, and you'll need to not have usbhid installed or it'll claim the device
itself (I think I can add support so that it gets automatically disconnected
from the device, so I'll have a look at that).

usblauncher is a Perl program that uses GTK2 to provide a basic interface
for controlling the launcher. It uses ctlmissile. Currently I've made
ctlmissile suid root so I can run usblauncher as my normal user id, but I'm
not sure about this long term.

Jonathan McDowell <>


I've added support for the Dream Cheeky missile launcher.  I bought this cute
little toy as a Christmas present for my girlfriend's brother, but the 
supplied Windows driver didn't work.  I snooped the Window's driver added 
support to what Jonathan had already put together.

I added a function call for both launchers to disconnect the device from the 
kernel, so you won't have to worry about usbhid claiming the device.

The Windows driver polled the device using interrupt transfers.  I ignored 
them since they didn't seem to do anything.  There might be micro switches in 
the launcher that get reported this way, but I'm not taking this launcher

I don't have a launcher anymore, so if you want help with yours, you'll have
to find a way to provide me with one. ;)

James Puderer <>