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NAnt not working

If tried to use NAnt for the general build process. It does not work. I can compile ist with the mcs and start also, but when I tried to build an application I always got an exception. Debugging in mono doesn't help. I need some HELP!!!

Posted by Jörg Rodehüser 2002-09-12

Coding Style Guide is ready!

The Coding Style Guilde is ready and commited to the repository. Next step is to make it accesable via internet.

Posted by Jörg Rodehüser 2002-08-07

Kick Off

Today the project starts. First I'm fighting with SourceForge to do as I want. I had only put the coding style guide in a very draft version to the project. I hope some people will join the project as soon as possible.

Posted by Jörg Rodehüser 2002-05-23