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File Date Author Commit
android-project 2013-08-08 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [3ad70a] * first (not yet working) version of the androi...
base 2015-05-24 DarkRain DarkRain [cbeed1] * Also keep the employee hire window open when ...
build 2014-12-21 DarkRain DarkRain [55262e] * Fixed testall.cbp, unfortunately gtest seems ...
contrib 2014-08-06 Igor Gritsenko Igor Gritsenko [3d0507] * Fixed typo
debian 2014-02-16 Igor Gritsenko Igor Gritsenko [0a617b] * Fixed dependencies in debian/control for newe...
eclipse 2014-06-27 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [fb587c] * [eclipse] add implant property to objDef_t pa...
mods 2013-11-22 Igor Gritsenko Igor Gritsenko [eaa0e9] * UI2:options fix typo in stretch checkbox
radiant 2015-03-11 ShipIt ShipIt [fd7e2c] * fixed alignment of rescue zone in prefab of r...
src 3 days ago DarkRain DarkRain [d4d672] * Reduced scope.
unittest 2013-09-25 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [c8b4f7] * unified onViewChange usage
.gitattributes unknown
.gitignore 2015-04-13 DarkRain DarkRain [1e0685] * Updated .gitignore.
.travis.yml 2014-12-04 DarkRain DarkRain [c71373] * Further fix for the travis call.
COPYING 2006-03-23 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [143127] * moved COPYING
LICENSES 2015-05-14 ShipIt ShipIt [6da724] * map [+forest] removed unused brook tile
Makefile 2014-06-07 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [f6a659] * fixed cc source file support
README 2007-03-26 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [4d6cf6] * merged 7021-7025, 7027-7031, 7033-7037 from t...
TODO unknown
config.h 2014-07-17 Kirill Bychkov Kirill Bychkov [ee5110] * enable build on OpenBSD
configure 2015-04-06 Elmo Todurov Elmo Todurov [3298fc] Added possibility to override CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to...
ufo.cbp unknown
ufoai-2.4.9999.ebuild unknown

Read Me

Please see the wiki for more information on how to compile the game and the gamedata

The url is http://ufoai.sf.net