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File Date Author Commit
 android-project 2015-10-26 DarkRain DarkRain [637d55] * Removed trailing white spaces.
 base 2015-11-14 ShipIt ShipIt [6da585] * Fixed multiplayer definitions in mapdef of +f...
 build 7 days ago Tamás Fehérvári Tamás Fehérvári [e2eb23] * Add new files to the C::B project files
 cmake 2015-09-27 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [b6b2f3] * added cmake macros to replace all the code du...
 contrib 2015-11-19 ShipIt ShipIt [a23f35] * README =>
 debian 2014-02-16 Igor Gritsenko Igor Gritsenko [0a617b] * Fixed dependencies in debian/control for newe...
 eclipse 2014-06-27 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [fb587c] * [eclipse] add implant property to objDef_t pa...
 mods 2013-11-22 Igor Gritsenko Igor Gritsenko [eaa0e9] * UI2:options fix typo in stretch checkbox
 radiant 2015-11-14 ShipIt ShipIt [ed8b8c] * Map prefabs - updated prefab of Harvester UFO
 src 2 days ago DarkRain DarkRain [c930cf] * Fix bug #5555 (Strength gain too low)
 unittest 2013-09-25 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [c8b4f7] * unified onViewChange usage
 .gitattributes unknown
 .gitignore 2015-09-28 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [b5f9b1] * updated gitignore for cmake
 .travis.yml 2 days ago DarkRain DarkRain [6cef23] * Should fix the travis build.
 CMakeLists.txt 3 days ago DarkRain DarkRain [171e99] * Added new file to CMakeLists.txt.
 COPYING 2006-03-23 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [143127] * moved COPYING
 LICENSES 2015-10-30 ShipIt ShipIt [dd353e] * Added normalmap for tex_nature/jungle002.png.
 Makefile 2015-09-17 hwoarangmy hwoarangmy [44535e] * updated rc files from pull request #22 2015-09-19 Martin Gerhardy Martin Gerhardy [71690f] * README =>
 TODO unknown
 appveyor.yml 2 days ago DarkRain DarkRain [4fe37b] * Downgrade appveyor cmake to see if build works.
 config.h 2015-07-30 DarkRain DarkRain [d81821] * Add the openpandora target to config.h.
 configure 2015-08-01 DarkRain DarkRain [a5ef35] * Removed not working configure flag from confi...
 ufo.cbp unknown
 ufoai-2.4.9999.ebuild unknown

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