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charset.cpp 2011-04-07 maximaman [r3]
newcii.pcb 2011-01-30 maximaman [r1]
readme.txt 2011-04-07 maximaman [r3]

Read Me

--- Initial code ---
It is still NOT a library, as you can see, because it is in a too early stage to
be used in other programs/applications. I think it is better to develop it as a
program for some time to come, because it is easier to run, test and debug.
The binary format of the charset definition file is still at draft stage; there
may be a lot more features to add. MAIN TODO: a text file format (human-readable)
There are many things hard-coded which shouldn't be (for example, the settings
file name), although I know bad cohesion and tight coupling are bad programming 
practices. TODO: a lot things to add, e.g. wchar_t support, etc.