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Read Me


1. Getting started
-Extract the zip file into a folder
-After that, you will find a file called "" in the folder
-Open the file and edit at least the following fields:
twitter.rssFile - where to store the rss File(e.g. c:/feed.xml on windows, /var/www/feed.xml on linux)
-Now you can start the application with this command
java -jar @APPNAME@-@VERSION@.jar
-At the start of the program, follow the instructions on the screen.
-If there were no errors an rss file will be created

ATTENTION: At the first start of the program, you will be asked to open a url in your browser. On the twitter site, you'll be asked if you would like to grant Twitlinks2RSS access to your twitter account. If you allow this, you'll see a pin code. These pin code must be entered at the first start of the program. If the pin was correct, the program should be able to access your twitter account at the next start of the program.

2. Preferred usage
If you want to continuously update your rss file, I would recommend use a cron job for this. 
Running a cron job every 30 minutes or so, will do it fine.