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File Date Author Commit
3rdparty 2012-03-28 moesenle [r997] Removed 3rdparty/zbar
arm_navigation 2012-12-07 kresse [r1014] Author: Ingo Kresse <>
calibration 2009-12-08 moesenle [r300] Author: Dejan Pangercic <dejan.pangercic@cs.tum...
controllers 2012-08-07 moesenle [r1007] Author: Ingo Kresse <>
demos 2011-03-08 dejanpan [r938] the package is not needed anymore - we got debi...
drivers 2012-11-23 moesenle [r1011] Author: Ingo Kresse <>
graveyard 2010-11-30 moesenle [r859] Author: Moritz Tenorth <>
highlevel 2012-07-13 moesenle [r1004] Author: Thomas Ruehr <>
hri 2011-06-01 moesenle [r950] Removed hri/web_hri
kitchen_model 2011-06-30 moesenle [r953] Author: Nico Blodow <>
knowledge 2013-04-15 kresse [r1022] Removed knowledge/mod_dialog
locations 2011-09-21 moesenle [r968] Removed locations/lo
mapping 2010-12-02 marton_z [r912] instructions on how to fetch mapping stack from...
perception 2012-11-26 moesenle [r1012] Removed perception/objects_of_daily_use_finder
robot_model 2011-06-01 moesenle [r948] Removed robot_model/rosie_bringup
rosinstall 2012-12-07 moesenle [r1013] Updated repo url for tum-ros-pkg.
services 2010-04-24 moesenle [r450] Removed services/vision_srvs
simulation 2011-05-20 moesenle [r944] Author: Mihai Emanuel Dolha <>
stacks 2011-06-17 moesenle [r952] Author: Dejan Pangercic <dejan.pangercic@cs.tum...
utils 2011-11-02 moesenle [r979] Author: Ingo Kresse <>
rosdep.yaml 2009-11-24 moesenle [r285] Added rosdep.yaml