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Directory Indexer 2.8 Source Code

Directory Indexer aka TreeGUI 2.8 Source Code is now in CVS.

Posted by McoreD 2007-08-26

TreeGUI 2.4

TreeGUI 2.4 will be relesed on 2006-07-07 Indexing according to Date&Time did not work in v2.3.5.0 Restoring Options file did not function correctly Read Options file everytime before Options form is loaded IsScheduledForToday was determined from CheckBoxes rather than XML Attempted to open non-existent config files from MRU list Warn that MP3 tags scanning will take roughly 1000 MP3/minute Displays most recently used list of config files in File menu Support Forum changed from BetaONE forums to SourceForge forums Footer Text modified to link SourceForge download page Updates page changed from Softpedia to SourceForge Currently indexed folder name is now displayed in Status Bar prior to indexing... read more

Posted by McoreD 2006-07-04