APro 4.07 RC3 available for download

Async Pro 4.07 Release Candidate 3 is available for download. This release has the following bug fixes and enhancements.


The way the terminal emulator's capture file was opened was changed to
allow it to be read by other processes.

Two new functions (WriteCharSource and WriteStringSource) were added
to the terminal component to allow the colour of text written to the
terminal window to be controlled.

Added an optional parameter to TApdTapiDevice.SendTone which allows you
to specify the tone duration in milliseconds. If not specified the
default tone duration will be used.
SendTone(Digits: String; Duration: Integer = 0);

Fixed a bug in TApdDataPacket that caused occasional access violations
on application termination.

Portions of TApdDataPacket have been rewritten to make the actual
behaviour more closely match that described in the documentation.
While these changes have been extensively tested there is always the
possiblity that this change will break existing code that depends on
the old, arguably incorrect, behaviour. With this in mind a conditional
has been provided to re-enable the old behaviour. Define the
conditional UseOldPacket if you want or need to use the old packet

Added {$I AWDEFINE.INC} to 4 source modules that lacked it thus preventing
range check errors in certain situations. Problem and fix reported
by Dan Phillips.

Changed name of TQueue in OoMisc.pas to TApQueue to avoid naming conflict
with Delphi TQueue component.

Bugs Fixed

675625 - Data packets miss multiple data packets in a single ReadCom
675638 - TApdDataPacket - incorrect end match
675643 - Data packet - - PacketSize = 1 problem
1748318 - ^Z's stripped out of file sends
1748332 - Access Violation in Terminal Emulator When Changing Emulation
1753812 - Access Violation When ApdWinSockPort Used as Standard Serial

Posted by Stephen Boyd 2007-11-12