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Version 8.2.3 released

This update includes support for Subversion 1.7, and it works better with Tk8.5 than it used to. The Windows version now has an installer.

Posted by DorothyR 2011-11-27

TkCVS 8.0 with Subversion support released

The TkCVS cross-platform user interface for CVS now supports Subversion too. Its tools for status, tagging, branching, merging, and checking in/out work for both systems. TkCVS can draw branch diagrams of the revision history of CVS and Subversion files.

Posted by DorothyR 2006-01-01

TkCVS 7.2

This version of TkCVS introduces a method of visualizing merge activity using tagging. The execution of CVS commands is less intrusive than in 7.1.x. Includes TkDiff 4.0, which has much-improved handling of PC-style filenames.

Posted by DorothyR 2004-01-04

TkCVS 7.1

TkCVS has a beautiful new revision-history diagram and many functional enhancements, mostly contributed by Mike Jagdis. From me, there's a new Merge tool. From John Lash, you can invoke the log browser on a single file from the command line, which saves a lot of time if you're working with a remote repository. There's more in the pipeline, but this is stable and has the best of the new features.

Posted by DorothyR 2002-11-10

Version 7.0

The new release of TkCVS is finally ready, in spite of me breaking my wrist.

I hope people find the Module Browser a little less challenging now, and that they like the new Working Directory Browser. I do.

I was hoping to run on MacOS X by this time, but Tcl/Tk for Aqua isn't ready. The X11 version works on Darwin/XFree86 though.

Posted by DorothyR 2001-06-04

TkCVS 6.4

The most important new feature is an optional column to show "cvs editors" status, with buttons to edit and unedit files. Filenames containing spaces are now permissible.

Most output windows are now searchable, and some configuration options can be saved.

TkCVS 6.4 requires Tcl/Tk8.1 or better.

Posted by DorothyR 2000-10-17

TkCVS 6.3 is out

TkCVS 6.x has been in beta for about two years.
The bugfixes have finally caught up with the new
features, and we are declaring a stable release.

Relative to TkCVS6.1, the browsers and dialogs in this version are more information-rich. Remote repositories are fully supported. There is also support for using CVS in "locking mode". A trace
facility has been added so you can see what CVS is doing, which greatly aids troubleshooting.... read more

Posted by DorothyR 2000-05-21