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Read Me

Tinted Window, by Euan J Hunter

A Hopefully Helpful Java Program

This program creates coloured overlays on screen, which can be useful for people with dyslexia.

When this program is run, a partially translucent window will appear with the default purple colour.
This overlay's size can be adjusted to suit by holding shift and dragging the sides and corners.
The size can also be adjusted by holding shift and scrolling the mouse wheel. Holding the left mouse 
button and moving the mouse moves the overlay. By right clicking on the window, a menu pops-up with 3
options. About brings up the about page, Options gives you varies options for changing the colour and
opacity of the overlay and Exit closes the program. Upon re-opening the window, the previously
selected colour and opacity are remembered. The overlay is also always infront of other windows,
so putting the overlay over a piece of text in your web browser and then clicking to the side of the
window on to the web browser allows the text to be scrolled with the overlay remaining in place.

If you want to reset to values for colour and translucency, the file the saves the values is in one
of two places:
Window 7:
	C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Tinted Window\Tinted Window.dat
Search for %APPDATA% to find other windows version equivalents.

	[your home directory]/.tintedwindow
Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage this program does to your computer.