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Read Me

Tilescape - Javascript platform for tilemap based games


This software is just getting started based on a demo I made back in 2006.

First we're probably going to

- fix dragging-related bugs
- finish separation of game tiles and rules from generic library 
- make alternative rule- and tilesets
- abstract tile structure further to enable different logical sizes and shapes for tiles
- sketch messages between game client and server (both standalone Javascript and Scala server)

in no particular order and whatever each of us feels like doing.

I'd guess we'll settle on LGPL as the License.

Please go ahead and give the current demo a try at

Want to participate? Throw a patch at <>.

You may also want to clone the version control:

hg clone static-

I'm going to set up the following at some point:

- writable version control [DONE]
- developer mailing list
- bug/task tracker
- the other things explained at

Have fun!

Kalle Hallivuori <>

PS. Fun hack revealed when installing hgweb: You can actually play the game even via hgweb at

PS2. Commits via web interface now work. Just request an account, then you can

hg clone

and after edits:

hg ci -m 'what did I do' && hg push

puts it into the central repo and even updates the static web view.