TechMVC is a very powerful and highly optimized MVC2 based web application framework, which enables developers to build high performance Website.

Current Version: 3.1.1

Features Upgraded:

  1. Meta Character set support enabled. Can be specified from Config.php($var->defaultCharacterSet). Default: utf-8
  2. Following functions added:
    a. TechMVC::LoadLibrary($path, $shared = false) -> Include library to TechMVC runtime.
    b. In Config.php varriable "$var->meta_tags" renamed to "$var->defaultMetaTags"
    c. TechMVC::updateMetaTags($param) has been added, will be used to add/update/remove metatags from any Controller.
    d. Custom Link Tag Support Enabled with controller based append facility: TechMVC::createCustomLinkTags($param);
    e. Session handler upgraded to avoid undefined session ids.

Features Removed:

  1. Following functions has been removed completely:
    a. Utility::include_custom_lib($path, $shared

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