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Read Me

Welcome to the Sytadel code repository.

The original Synop version 4 of Sytadel, last updated in 2005, will reside
in the "4.x" directory once it has been made available, and will be frozen
from future changes. It requires PHP 4 and is not guaranteed to be in a
runable state.

The newer Sytadel version 5 code, which requires PHP 5.2, resides in the
"5.x" directory, and is currently incomplete. As a full release of the entire
code requires a lot of work, we felt it better to incrementally release the
code that is ready to go, instead of holding it back for a single monumental

If you wish to contribute back to the Sytadel open source project, then please
email us at We'd love to get you involved.

The Sytadel open source project is proudly sponsored by Aggmedia Pty Ltd.