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New release 3.23

-added support fur Rust and generic config files
-added some extensions in filetypes.conf
-fixed Matlab definition and style
-CLI: fixed --list-scripts with unknown argument

Posted by André Simon 2015-08-05

New release 3.20

  • updated astyle code to release 2.05
  • added astyle reformatting style vtk
Posted by André Simon 2014-12-02

New release 3.19

  • added bold, italic and underline attributes to xterm256 ANSI output
  • fixed assembler mapping in filetypes.conf
  • added Swift definition
  • improved ASP, F#, OCaml and Lisp syntax definitions
  • added interpolation patterns to several definitions
  • updated base URLs in cpp_ref_gtk_gnome and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins
  • CLI: added Pango markup output option
Posted by André Simon 2014-09-17

New release 3.18

  • Filenames without extension (ie. makefile) can be mapped in filetypes.conf.
  • Rexx highlighting was fixed, and a GDB language definition was added.
  • A "the" editor theme was added.
Posted by André Simon 2014-04-09

New release 3.14

User defined configuration options were improved. Some plug-ins were added to enhance HTML output with bracket and keyword matching.

Posted by André Simon 2013-06-03

New release 3.13

Support for the Crack language was added. Several bugs were fixed.

Posted by André Simon 2013-02-06

New release 3.12

CSS class names may now be omitted in HTML output. Highlighting of string interpolation has been added. Dart and TypeScript are supported. The SWIG module example code has been fixed.

Posted by André Simon 2012-12-12

help wanted

The spanish GUI translation needs an update (based on Qt Linguist)

Posted by André Simon 2012-05-02

New release 3.9

The plug-in interface was enhanced to support output text manipulation (added Decorator function and Injections property).
Several example plug-ins were added which show how to add keyword links to online reference sites (e.g. cplusplus.com, perldoc.perl.org, qtproject.org).
Added a ctags plugin (ctags_html_tooltips.lua).
Improved Perl and N3 definitions.

Posted by André Simon 2012-05-02

New release 3.4

The package adds support for ABC, Algol, AS/400 CL, BCPL, Limbo, Gambas, JavaFX, RPG, Transact-SQL, PL/Perl, PL/Tcl, PL/Python and Charmm.
Some included web plugins were fixed (Serendipity, DokuWiki, Wordpress).
The BBCode closing tag order was corrected.
The Czech translation was updated.

Posted by André Simon 2011-03-31