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#289 False fails seen when bringing up files


Sometimes when opening an indexed file in SVEditor, it has a bunch of red X markers in the file, indicating issues. However, the Problems view is empty and the file does not have a red X in the Project Explorer.


There are a couple workarounds to this issue:
Option A. remove/delete the file from the project, re-index, add the file back, re-index
Option B. delete the problematic lines from the file, re-index, add the lines back, re-index

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  • Hi Victor,
    In the screenshot you attached, the first error involves a macro call -- specifically `uvm_record_field. Does this type of failure occur in other cases?

    There is an issue with the UVM library with respect to the `uvm_record_field macro. When the library is parsed with a tool other than a Mentor/Cadence/Synopsys Verilog compiler, the uvm_record_field macro is incorrectly defined. Can you try adding one of the following to your argument file and re-indexing to see if this changes the behavior? You will need to close the file showing the incorrect errors and re-open after re-indexing.
    • +define+QUESTA
    • +define+VCS
    • +define+INCA


  • I made this issue go away with my workaround, so I can't try out the defines until I hit it again.

    I believe this is a more general issue where some indexing fails aren't getting cleared by subsequent re-indexing which fixes them. I've seen it with other macros and file includes as well. For the above issue, I knew something was fishy when I brought up my workspace in a co-worker's computer, and I didn't see the red Xs there -- that's when I knew it wasn't a real fail.

  • Here is another example where I'm using the open source SVUnit library.

    When I first created this file, it was clean. Then, a few hours later I came back to it, after messing around with another Eclipse project, and I saw these false fails.


    Last edit: Victor Lyuboslavsky 2013-11-08
  • Found a workaround that seems to indicate that some stale data isn't getting cleared in the index DB.

    I switched the project argument file to another "dummy" .f file that only indexed the UVM library. Then I switched back to the original .f file and the Xs went away.

    Is there a hard reset for the index DB, so that I don't have to switch to dummy.f and back again?

  • Interesting... It is true that the index does not always adapt correctly when the file set changes. When that happens, you will need to run the Eclipse Project Clean (Project->Clean...) operation to force re-indexing of the entire project. Project Clean allows you to clean and re-index all projects, or specify a subset of projects.