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	The name of a project that has stalled.
	I am n2, the only one who still thinks
	about this project. 

	Superbot will therefore be used 
	as a testbed for my ideas (as n2) 
	before they are implemented into 
	a different project.

original devnotes are below.

****	Superbot	****

The premise is to make an mIRC bot that is 
the most advanced any of us have ever made.
"Us" being the programmers from Dejatoons.

With all of us loaning some time and knowledge
to the project, it will be a pretty thorough and
epic bot.

The thing that sparked my interest in making
this project is n2 mini-ranting about the good
old days when we coded for the love of coding.
When we had ideas and a desire to outdo
ourselves. To you n2: I agree.

I propose at least asking the following people
about their desire to participate in this project:

- n2
- Pachy
- Apocalypse
- Lord-Harlot
- Presea

If I forgot anyone, sincerest apologies. This was
written at 2:46 am. I picked mIRCscript as the
language for this project because it is the only
language we all know well enough to code in together.

I have created a Sourceforge page for this project.
I have dubbed the project Superbot, after a stalled
earlier project of similar goals.


While this is in no way the final name for the project
(unless it is), it is the name that seemed to fit without
relying on a biased name from any individual of the
group (I know I would prefer one of my bot names).

I propose it be released under the GNU GPLv3
license, in the spirit of free software. This is still up
for debate. Let me know what you think on the

Hoping this project doesn't stall
-- Rolo --