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Update 2.1.3-1

Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser for various directory services.

  • Release 2.1.3 brought a new plugin for
  • The Live365 plugin has been fixed, and the browsing cache service adapted to return plain JSON arrays.
  • This release also added a new layout option for having channel tabs arranged left-hand of the category and stream lists.

Update 2.1.3-1 fixes the search dialog UI declaration for Gtk2 and Python2 (Gtk3 with Python3 was unaffected). Updates are further announced on

Posted by Mario Salzer 2014-08-15

Streamtuner2 first stable version 2.0.0

Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser. It displays mp3 streaming stations by genre from SHOUTcast, live365, Xiph and Google directories.

Apart from the new logo, this release finally adds a nice search function. Context menus now make most station features available. Also there's now an editor for entries, and the bookmark handling was fixed, allows to delete radio stations.

Internel APIs have been simplified. And caching and settings data are now really stored in JSON format, even though that's slower. SHOUTcast category refreshing has been fixed. The redundant directory provider homepage button was removed.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2010-07-05

streamtuner2 beta version 1.9.9

Streamtuner2 is an internet radio browser. It mimicks the older C-based StreamTuner, but is written in Python. It's a simplistic interface to browser directory services, music genres and MP3 streaming radio stations.

The beta release finally adds favicon support. Though it turned out not all radio stations have one.

Overall the application is more stable now, because it works around the Gtk+ threading problem. Shoutcast and Live365 browsing is fixed now, and even slightly faster than before.... read more

Posted by Mario Salzer 2010-07-01