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Example webpage

The following webpage shows some nice examples of the endless possibilities with StochPy.

Posted by Timo Maarleveld 2011-11-05

1.0.1 Release

There is a new release of StochPy.

Main improvements:
- plotting of the probabiity density function with different bin sizes.
- significant speed improvement for the calculation of the probability density function
- bug removal in the Tau Leaping method.

Other important updates since the 1.0 release
- StochPy supports SBML events (time or amount), and SBML assignments since the 1.0 release of last month.
- two user friendly data structures, data_stochsim and data_stochsim_interpolated are available for users that want to do their own analysis.
- DoStochSim(trajectories = 1, method = 'Direct',end=1000,mode = 'steps') function is available. This function combines Run, Timesteps, Endtime, Method, and Trajectories in one high-level functions. Of course, these functions are still available in StochPy

Posted by Timo Maarleveld 2011-10-24

Userguides available is online.

From here, it is possible to download the latest StochPy release and you can get access to the userguide in PDF or HTML format.

Posted by Timo Maarleveld 2010-10-01