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existing 2009-11-21 fredrior [r3] moving existing code to separate folder.
externals 2009-11-21 fredrior [r6] adding "StackWalker" project as external.
obj 2009-11-21 fredrior [r8] ignoring object files.
stacktrace 2009-11-27 fredrior [r30] disable public Microsoft-Symbol-Server lookup.
test 2009-11-24 fredrior [r29] templatized stack-augmented exception classes.
www 2009-12-28 fredrior [r40]
Makefile 2009-11-21 fredrior [r4] adding new stacktrace code to repo.
README.txt 2009-11-30 fredrior [r35] updated doc.
StackTrace.sln 2009-11-21 fredrior [r4] adding new stacktrace code to repo.
StackTrace.vcproj 2009-11-21 fredrior [r7] Updated externals references and ignored output...

Read Me

This is the "stacktrace" project.
Copyright (c) 2009, Ethan Tira-Thompson, Fredrik Orderud.

License: New BSD License (BSD) and LGPL.

Webpage: http://stacktrace.sourceforge.net/

== Documentation ==
Stacktrace provides a convenient and platform neutral interface for retrieving stack traces from within C++ programs. In addition, it provides a reference implementation for C++ exceptions with stack trace metadata. 

Supported platforms:
Stacktrace support both Microsoft Windows and UNIX-like platforms with a GCC compiler, such as e.g. Linux and Mac OS. Windows support is implemented through the StackWalker project, while the GCC support is implemented through the GLIBC backtrace call.

== Content ==
* existing   : Previous stacktrace code (not yet integrated)
* stacktrace : Main stacktrace code
* test       : Miscellaneous test code
* externals  : External dependencies for platform implementations.
* www        : Webpage content