#1039 Grid does not show CLOB values for DB2

Rob Manning
DB2 Plugin (16)
leo marini

On clicking on the Content tab for a table with CLOB columns (when connected to a DB2-UDB) the data is displayed without the correct value in the CLOB
columsn. That column is displayed as <Clob> instead of the actual data.
If I query that very same record using the DB2 CLP (Command Line Program) I can see the values coming from that very column.

I'm using JDBC driver 'IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ' version 4.7.85.

Other drivers for other DBMS e.g. Oracle, do work.
Ex. JDBC driver 'Oracle JDBC driver' version

Please advise,



  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

    This is the default setting for BLOB/CLOB types. It allows SQuirreL to load the more commonly used data faster. You can change this by going to File -> Global Preferences -> Data Type Controls, and scroll down in the Global Preferences window until you see settings for BLOB and CLOB types. There you would select the checkbox next to "Read contents when table is first loaded". Alternatively, it may also be possible to double-click on the cell that contains
    "<Clob>" value to see a separate window with the data displayed.

  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

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