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kernel 2011-02-14 Phillip Lougher Phillip Lougher [2b7ea2] Update README and get rid of some obsolete file...
kernel-2.4 2007-08-19 plougher plougher [f50b7e] Update email address.
squashfs-tools 7 days ago Phillip Lougher Phillip Lougher [4b8f1f] actions: implement stat(expr) - eval expr on th...
README 2014-05-05 Phillip Lougher Phillip Lougher [d2b99a] README: update for release

Read Me

Git status:

This is the CVS repository imported into this
new git repository.  All new development will be under git.

Squashfs-tools: The new Squashfs 4.3 release (2014/05/05).

kernel: obsolete, the kernel code is now in mainline at

All Squashfs kernel development trees are stored on,

kernel-2.4: prehistoric, not updated since the 3.1 release.  If you still need
Squashfs support in the 2.4 kernel then use the squashfs 3.1 release.  This
is the last release that supported 2.4 kernels.

The kernel and kernel-2.4 directories (imported from CVS) are not really
relevant anymore, but are here temporarily while I decide where to put
them (I don't want to delete them and have all the pre-mainlining
kernel commit history disappear from public repositories).