#39 database engine reporting string replace() as "no such funct

Hardy Macia

database engine reporting string replace() as "no such function".

I enter into the ExecuteSQL window:
select replace(category,'Auto','NewAuto') from mytable;
The Errorse message from database engine is :
no such function: replace

I can run this same select statement from the sqlite3 command line interface and it works.

It could be the database engine has the bug, or maybe SDB needs updating with new db engine.


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  • Yo mashmorgan here, and new sqlitebrowser babysitter..

    There is a related bug with "escaping" so..
    can you actually create a dodgy set of "sql strings" for us to tests..

    eg select from `update` where `delete` as `true` .. and sql injectors on a car `ID` et all..

    That would be invaluable.. particularfor legacy Access and m$ users.. what...

    Thing objects..

    not Clients but
    Client.cool +me+ you + all the rest of us.. hehe..

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  • Cannot recreate bug against HEAD, so closing.