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Developer Sprint 2005

The number of radio stations, who use StreamOnTheFly as their repository and to exchange content in the SOTF network is growing steadily. We are organising a Sprint event end of August 2005 in the alps to get some pending issues done, such as video support, XBMF and life radio integration. Please contact ras at, if you would like to join the Sprint event.

Posted by Roland Alton-Scheidl 2005-06-26

Podcasting support in StreamOnTheFly

With our new release it is very easy for radio stations or series to offer their content via podcasts.
Users may also define their own podcasts: they build custom queries, and the current list of radio shows found by the query will be the content of the podcast.

Posted by Andras Micsik 2005-02-04

Naming and numbering of Nodes

Salzburg .... AT5 664
Graz ......... AT4 665 ...
Poelten ..... AT2 666 ...
Dornbirn .... AT3 667 ...

Dornbirn2 .. AT6 668
Budapest .. HU1 011 ...
Brussel ..... BE1 001 ...

Posted by Thomas Thurner 2004-12-02


You'll find our trial Station at Limited access is possible via user "trial" (PW: trial).

Posted by Thomas Thurner 2004-06-21


Currently our network of nodes include a machines in Budapest (, St.Poelten ( and Dornbirn (

Additional (non-networked) NODES are at Brussels (, Graz ( and Vienna (

And more to come.

Posted by Thomas Thurner 2004-06-21