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Read Me

                                * * * * * * * *
                               * * * * * * * * *
                              * *   SMOCaml   * *
                               * * * * * * * * *
                                * * * * * * * *


    SMOCaml is a server for StepmaniaOnline written from scratch in OCaml.
    It is fully compatible with SMOnline and Stepmania 4 so it can be used to
    replace the old SMOnline server.


    You will need OCaml to compile the server.
    Un-tar the archive and type 'make' in the directory, an executable called
    'smocaml' will be created.


    Run 'smocaml', it will listen for inbound connections at TCP/8765 (or the
    port specified in the 'config.ini' file). Then every player can run
    stepmania and enter the IP or DNS address of the computer where 'smocaml' is
    running (every username with any password will be accepted)


    All config files are in the same directory, specified at the beginning of
    the '' source file.

   * 'config.ini'    : main config file, you *will* want to customize the 'name'
                       field, and may want to change other things (for example
                       the language of the server)
   * 'rooms.conf'    : default static rooms, you *will* want to configure this
   * 'messages.lang' : welcome and about messages, you *will* want to configure
   * '$lang.lang' (where $lang is the value of the field 'lang' in 'config.ini')
                     : all other messages of the server, you will probably not
                       need to modify those files unless you are planning to add
                       a new language


    SMOCaml is young but almost fully usable. It works just fine with two
    players but has never been tested with more. But normaly it should work as


  * Rooms should be fully supported

  * The song selection system is completely different than the one of SMOnline :
    every player in a room can propose a song, then every other player
    (including the first one) can confirm and start this song, then the song does
    not start immediately but after a countdown of 3 seconds, and every player
    can cancel the song during the countdown

  * In the chat, the server is much more colorful than the original SMOnline

  * One can change the color of his name in the chatbox with the command /color

  * Available in french, esperanto and english, and other languages can be
    easily added

Known bugs and limitations

  * No login system, any username with any password is accepted

  * No stats

  * Not very well tested, so there could be others bugs


    SMOCaml is released under an MIT license, see the file 'COPYING'.


    You can contact me by mail at guillaume.brunerie@[|], and you
    will find the project page of SMOCaml at

Structure of the source code

    src/ contains the source code and etc/ the config files

      Definition of the basic types used, like a 'song', a 'player', a 'room',
      and so on
      A few useful definitions

      Parser for the 'rooms.conf' config file, describing the default rooms

      Parser for the '*.lang' config files

      Parser for the 'config.ini' file
      Type of Client-Server packets and function translating raw data into
      Type of Server-Client packets and function translating packets into raw
      Functions for accepting connections, listening for C2S packets and sending
      S2C packets
      Chat and updating functions
      Functions handling the escape sequences in '*.lang' (most important file)
      Function reacting to the received packets
      Function sending the scoreboard updates
      Loading of config and starting of main threads