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Tree [r71] /

File Date Author Commit
INSTALL 2014-05-22 textfield [r39] Updated.
Makefile 2015-01-18 textfield [r61] New manual.
RELEASE-NOTES 2015-01-18 textfield [r57] New script.
VERSION 2015-01-18 textfield [r58] Updated.
cvsup-ports.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r67] Updated strings.
cvsup-ports.sh.1 2008-05-04 textfield [r1] Initial commit.
find_broken_links.sh 2014-02-25 textfield [r37] Corrected comments.
find_broken_links.sh.1 2008-05-04 textfield [r1] Initial commit.
find_core_files.sh 2014-02-23 textfield [r31] Lots of updates.
find_core_files.sh.1 2008-05-04 textfield [r1] Initial commit.
functions.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r66] Error strings.
man2pdf.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r66] Error strings.
nsplit.sh 2014-02-23 textfield [r31] Lots of updates.
nsplit.sh.1 2008-05-04 textfield [r1] Initial commit.
odt-reader.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r66] Error strings.
postgresql_backup.sh 2014-06-26 textfield [r55] Updated.
postgresql_backup.sh.1 2014-06-26 textfield [r56] New file.
recycle_swap.sh 2015-01-19 textfield [r69] Added a safety percent.
recycle_swap.sh.1 2015-01-19 textfield [r71] Updated.
secure_firefox_cleanup.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r66] Error strings.
secure_firefox_cleanup.sh.1 2014-02-05 textfield [r27] Updated.
secure_firefox_cleanup_osx.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r66] Error strings.
secure_firefox_cleanup_osx.sh.1 2008-10-24 textfield [r12] More files to wipe.
stop_user_processes.sh 2015-01-18 textfield [r67] Updated strings.
stop_user_processes.sh.1 2008-05-04 textfield [r1] Initial commit.