#2 some rants


Great project, Shrimp is a really cool tool. It is very usable "as-is" too. The shading models are amazing as well, thanks a lot rconstruct and others who helped gather and adopt them all to Shrimp.
Here's a list of some suggestions/feature requests (in no particular order):

  1. add the ability to delete (add is already there) input/output boxes
  2. delete with del key and don't use a dialog box to ask permission, or leave an option to turn the dialogue box off
  3. zoom+pan using Houdini and/or Maya mouse/keyboard combos (especially zoom, middlemouse wheel sucks imho).
  4. middlemouse click to get Houdini-style popup containing node's and connection knob's code (while at it, ctrl+click to get the description)
  5. double click to open the code-edit window on connection knobs and node body
  6. change type of last connection knob you are connecting to, not the type of connection knob you're pulling from (ie. if you connect Cs to a multiply change that multiply input to color, same as it is already the case if you connect something into a node's output).
  7. add user parameter node, perhaps that a user can directly type into by double clicking. Also, you might use the first string before "=" as the node's name so that user doesn't have to manually rename (uniform float Fx=0.2; use "Fx" as node name. You might also use the 2nd string to the left of "=" to automatically determine the output box type).
  8. Add pre-world, post-world rib text windows that we can paste rib code into.

Hope these sound like something someone else but me would like.
Again, thanks for a great tool. A+


  • ben ben
    ben ben

    Hi there,
    just to let you know that
    -request 2 is done
    -request 5 is throught the key 'e' as edit
    -there's a new marquee selection for grabbing multiple blocks (still working on ) for layout your network.
    -key 'g' for grouping
    -key 'u' for ungrouping