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Read Me

                    Readme for Sedna XML Database

   Copyright (C) 2004-2011 ISP RAS and others. All rights reserved.

   Please, read the LICENSE, before using the system. If you do not agree
   to all the terms of the LICENSE, you must not install or use Sedna.


   1. System Requirements
   2. Installation
   3. Quick Start
   4. Support


   Sedna is being tested on x86, amd64 (x64), PPC architectures and running
   on the following platforms:

     - Windows (2000 and higher)
     - Linux (2.4 and higher)
     - Mac OS X
     - FreeBSD
     - Solaris


   See INSTALL document provided with this distribution for complete guide
   on how to install Sedna either from binaries or sources package.

   Online version of this guide you can find here:


   Sedna is distributed with examples and instructions how to run them.
   Sedna Quick Start guide is available at the "doc" subdirectory of the
   installation path.

   The Sedna distribution also contains a documentation set, which should
   be useful. See documentation at the "doc" subdirectory of the directory
   where Sedna is installed.


   If you want to report a bug, please use bug tracker system at:

   Feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, bug reports and

   For up-to-date information and new versions of Sedna visit the Sedna

   Archive of the mail list you can find here: