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File Date Author Commit
animated-canvas 2011-12-02 drschemer [r426] Released Animated Canvas Version 2.4 to PLaneT.
benchmark 2010-03-17 noel [r340] benchmark-case now works again
db 2009-07-28 rculpepper [r317] doc updates
describe 2010-10-27 drschemer [r375] And fixed the example output in the documentation.
diff 2011-08-19 drschemer [r390] Added diff content.
host-serial 2007-05-02 hoesterholt [r87]
htdocs 2007-05-15 noel [r94] Tone down questionable 'humour'. Add a 'Not Fo...
inference 2011-10-03 drschemer [r411] Added query*-values and query*-values* as query...
instaweb 2009-01-03 davegurnell [r280] [DJG] Instaweb planet-4.0 tag: created this tag.
internat 2007-04-30 hoesterholt [r83]
launch-browser 2007-04-26 hoesterholt [r76]
littleunit 2007-03-11 noel [r52] Add new web pages, start of littleunit project,...
mzrun 2007-03-07 pdestroy [r51] Adding mzrun to tree.
noconsole 2007-05-27 hoesterholt [r105]
packed-binary 2011-08-19 drschemer [r387] Converted to Racket.
port 2008-11-10 noel [r260] Remove unneeded (replaced with sake)
randomunit 2007-04-18 noel [r62] Change distribution representation from lists t...
sake 2008-11-10 noel [r258] Fix typo in email address.
schemeunit 2013-08-02 rculpepper [r432] tagged version (3 5)
science 2012-02-19 drschemer [r428] Modified skew function in statistics.rkt to mat...
si 2006-11-07 noel [r42] Initial commit of Simple Improvement
simulation 2012-02-19 drschemer [r429]
smysql 2007-04-21 eknauel [r70] Fix the call to make-client-auth: Concat salt w...
snooze 2006-05-30 noel [r14] Add snooze and unlib. Much coolness
spgsql 2010-12-02 rculpepper [r379] spgsql: updated acks; don't compile tests
sqld-db2 2007-04-29 hoesterholt [r78] Initial import.
sqld-oracle 2007-04-29 hoesterholt [r80] Initial import.
t-test 2007-05-03 noel [r89] Added code for (two-tailed) t-test. Documentat...
table-panel 2009-09-30 drschemer [r330] Fixed issue #205: Scribble error on build
unlib 2006-05-30 noel [r14] Add snooze and unlib. Much coolness
uuid 2010-10-27 drschemer [r372] Created PLaneT release 1.2.