Cool: Saxon driving a GUI, interactive

  • This is cool:

    Imagine you define a XUL style GUI using XML. You write a transform and run it with Saxon 8.1.1. This causes the GUI to appear on your screen.

    GUI events are turned into elements that are processed by normal XSLT templates. These templates can interact using HTTP/POST interactions with a web service, and the responses may make new GUI elements pop up or modify existing ones.

    When the application finishes, the output of the transform is -- for example -- a complete log of the user action.

    And this is not a dream! It is real. I did it. It's pretty straight-forward. I did it with both Swing and SWT. At this point it's just a proof of concept, but it works. If there is interest, I'll make it a sourceforge project.

    Is it crazy? I don't think so. It makes perfect sense. It's better than the various XUL environments, because it is much more flexible and yet lightweight. All you need is Saxon! Transform any XML document into an interactive viewer application. The possibilities are endless. Welcome to the post-browser age!