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Read Me

So where's this batch file intended to be physically ? On a usb stick, don't even think of putting this on the helpdesk's 
client computer, because he will have your password encrypted in the .ini file, nothing readable by humans but more experienced people could decrypt it. 

How do I configure it ? Double click on the password_encryption.exe utility first

How do I run it ? Double click on the runas_computer_config.bat file, and choose your windows xp administrative tool (or applet)
(Device manager, mouse config, system config, etc...)

What is it capable of doing ? It opens for you the most common windows XP control pannel applets with full admin privileges 
with the runas command without a log off/ log on as administrator situation.

An exception to this is the network connections (and others like scanners, printers), because you basically can't use the runas command 
on these ones directly. You need to have the admin set the "open folders in a separate process" for it to work. That's really 
annoying and not a good solution. 

So that' where this app comes in handy. With this app you can open the control panel 
with full admin privileges without a log off/log on (actually there is a log off/log on but the quicker way) and without the previously mentionned option.

Just choose choice number 3 in the menu and your gonna get there in no time. Most interesting fact is that you will come 
back to the user session you were in aftewards ! So the helpdesk's client won't need to log on again. Thats 2 logins less, 
o yeah and no password typing, all  that is automated via the AutoIT executable file (enter_pass.exe).