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New feature: Run program

  • Although the Owl is well stuffed with parameters for each feed I have been
    brought in a situation to miss one:

    I have a situation with a feed that is updated once per day. Whenever the new
    feeddata have been loaded I want to run a program (presumably coded in Java)
    that will reed the new feed-data and use them for further processing.

    The best way to start this program would be:

    1. to have a field in the Feed-properties where the path to and name of the program can be entered. (I have no suggestion as to whether the field should be included in one of the existing tabs or it should be placed in a new tab: "Run").
    2. that the Owl has code to automatically start the entered program every time a load of the feed has finished
    3. The text in front the field could be "Run after load of feed"

    The field can of course be used to run any kind of programs including sounds /
    music should users prefer that.


  • genodeftest


    what "further processing" do you want to do? RSSOwl has News Filters ("Tools |
    News Filters" or right-click on Feed and select "Filter News"). I use them to
    auto-download attachments from podcast feeds.

  • The Java program will be able to:

    1. Extract 5 specific types of data from the feed
    2. Create an XML-file and store the extracted data therein
    3. Forward the XML-file by FTP to another computer for further use by another program on it.

    BTW: Where does the Owl store feed-data - path and foldername? (windows 7 Pro)


  • genodeftest

    Ok, to execute a program we will need to change some code in RSSOwl. But in
    your case it would be easier to configure a news filter and write a program
    watching to the folder where the news filter saves the data you need. Or you
    can write a plugin for RSSOwl which can use RSSOwl's code e.g. for parsing the

    Where RSSOwl stores data:
    http://www.rssowl.org/help#item_4aa .
    You may need to unhide invisible folders.

    The database itself is stored in .metadata/.plugins/org.rssowl.core , but you
    may not want to directly acces it if you don't exactly know what you're doing
    and how RSSOwl works. This database contains ALL data (Feeds, articles, saved
    searches, news filters, …). The folder .metadata should contain a log file,
    .rssowl2 should contain a OPML file backup from your feeds and all other
    folders should be configuration related things.

  • Thank you.

    I can see that I need another approach and another reader.



  • Anonymous

    Héhé, it's the only reproach I have against RSSOwls and make me use differents
    readers despite its powerful filters options: can't porcess items because
    items are not stored in a proper database...

  • genodeftest

    Yes, those items are stored in a database!