What happened to regex in search/filters?


  • Anonymous

    I know this existed at least at some
    in the past(no real indication
    what version that was for) and I keep running across references to it
    occasionally, but I just don't see it anymore, other than the search box
    suggestion the use of the "?" and "*" wildcards which aren't nearly enough,
    especially considering one of the things I need to look for in one filter is a
    literal question mark. Am I missing something?

  • No RSSOwl is not supporting RegEx in searches, sorry.

  • Mannig

    You're evidently much ore older than me in using RSSowl but what about
    entering :


    (not checked, though)

  • Martin P
    Martin P

    Are there any plans to re-introduce Regex functionality? I know somewhere I
    read that you'd like users to spread the word about this tool. The Regex
    feature would be a deal maker to me, to promote your tool. I work for a large
    organization (100K+ employees), and I use your tool everyday, but I'm somehow
    limited by the lack of Regex (or other more advanced) query language
    capabilities for my news filters and searches.

  • sorry, no plans for this. I tried to add it once, but the results where not
    satisfactory in terms of performance. note that rssowl is relying on apache
    lucene for searching which out of the box does not provide a regex search (at
    least from what I remember).

    • stealth789

      I think having regex is now a must. These days we relay more on automation than on manual work.

      I'm not familiar with apache lucene regex. But what about it's RegexQuery Class?

      If there are concerns about performance. My point of view is really different. RSS reader for my is something working on background. Only when there are relevant informations, I want to spend time with it. I don't have time to manual filter things one by one. So for me is crucial to filter/search exactly what I need with best possible match. So here's where regex stands. And I care much more about my OWN time spending on filtering/search, than on CPU/DB time!!! And still it should be up to me. I'd like to make it fast, use some kind of pre-build search. I want accurate results, I use regex, with knowing that it will take more CPU/DB time. Still my OWN time is here no.1 preference. For my point of view, I'd like to make most of possible things automatic with best possible results. This mean spend less time for manual work, and spend more time with what I want.

      So I'm missing option for regex. And it should be up to me if I'd like to "lost" CPU time for best results. Not on decision of developer, that think what's best for me. Please give us options. We will decide what we want, and for what price. Just don't build walls thinking that's for out best. Believe me, it's not.

      Also if you build good regex engine , you can build all options above it. Like starting with, ..... to use regex. Also I understand if it's not possible to use direct regex query, these should be pre-build. But still I'm sorry, but I'm missing any relevant argument against regex, but many for it.

      I hope one day you will reconsider adding regex option. It would made it much easier for us ;).

      PS: Thanks for all good work with RSS Owl. I appreciate it.

      Last edit: stealth789 2013-08-27
  • mprost

    Just a quick note to second the motion to have some kind of advanced search,
    regex would really be great, but any other sophistication (such as 'starts
    with', 'ends with', etc.) would be really, really helpful. I use RSSOwl to
    filter my Google Reader feeds and it's proven to be invaluable in this
    job, but sometimes more advanced search capabilities would help to narrow the

    Anyway, thank you very much for such a great tool.