How can I uninstall?

  • I've been trying, unsuccessfully for the past two days to uninstall the program. I downloaded the latest version to Windodow 2000. I've gone to the Add/Remove feature of Windows and it's not even listed there. There is no uninstall feature on the program file list, and in looking in regedit, I couldn't find RSSOwl listed anywhere! Is it a ghost program? PLEASE, ANY body, please, please, please tell me how to get this program off my hard drive. I used an older version of this program last year and when I was ready to uninstall, I had no problems at all. Oh, somebody please help me. Is there a priest in the house? I may need to have it exorcised if I can't get it moved off my hard drive. I don't like this new version at all.

    Ms Jaxxee

    • You can simply delete it, its not adding anything except itself :). Maybe you could let us know what you dont like by posting at or drop me a mail.