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MacOS X service

  • Hello!

    is there any plan to support "service" on Macos X?


    • Alex Blewitt
      Alex Blewitt

      The problem with this is the SWT elements often don't support the service (whereas in Mac OS X it's the Cocoa element that handles the service driectly). And to handle things like current selection, it might be difficult to integrate with the application since it's usually handled by AppKit, which RSSOwl doesn't use.

      For reference, the description of what it is is shown at


    • Hi,
      could you please explain to me, what Service is :)?
      I am a Win/Linux user,

    • The services offer to exhange data between applications - manipulate text, graphic or create an appointement in an agenda etc.

      With RSSOwl I can imagine send a selection to an another application (data maagement software). Using the service methods, the creator of RSSOwl have not to code all the possible options.

      sorry for my english - have you understand th basis?


      • Ah ok. So please open a feature request ( on this issue, maybe also with a URL to a website that is explaining the service in more detail (how to access it via Java e.g.).