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RSS Feeder .NET / News: Recent posts

New version and detailed article

RSS Feeder.NET new and improved version has been released. Several bugs fixed. Everyone is requested to update to version 3.1.5.

There is an article at CodeProject which explains from design to deployment hurdles of RSS Feeder. It's a complete guide for developing Smart Clients. You will learn about Enterprise Library, Updater Application Block, lots of XML and Desktop tricks.

Posted by Omar Al Zabir 2005-08-05

RSS Feeder.NET new version

RSS Feed aggregator & Blog Tool - Newspaper view, Outlook style 3 pane view, Store feeds in Outlook folder. No Outlook overhead, hang or delay. Blog to Wordpress/.Text/Movabletype/B2. Newsgator import. Auto Update. Post to weblog from Outlook folders.

This new version includes:
1. Better, Faster, Smaller
2. Reduced Memory Footprint
3. Smoother integration with Outlook
4. More configurability
5. No pressure on Windows during startup
6. Better Blogging

Posted by Omar Al Zabir 2005-07-13

RSS Feeder.NET

It is a desktop RSS feed aggregator which downloads feeds from web sources and stores locally for offline viewing, searching and processing. Developed by Omar AL Zabir

It is also a blogging tool which you can use to blog to variety of blog engines including WordPress, B2Evolution, .Text etc.

You can be fully MS Outlook dependent or can run fully standalone or can use both at the same time. It does NOT increase Outlook load time, make it slow frequently, prevent Outlook from closing properly.... read more

Posted by Omar Al Zabir 2005-06-23