#42 panel autohide option - why do I need it?


Hi, there!

First of all, thanks for the marvellous pieces of software you released there!

The only thing keeping me from using OroboROX and the rox panel instead of icewm is the missing autohide function that let the panel snap back out of the screen when unused.

Thanks in advance for adding this feature,

sincerely, Alex


  • Thomas Leonard
    Thomas Leonard

    • status: open --> pending
  • Thomas Leonard
    Thomas Leonard

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    From asktog (on the MacOS X Dock):

    "This Windows copy job, unfortunately, suffers from the same
    defect as the Windows Task Bar: You can't predict where a
    given object is until you reach the bottom of the screen and
    cause the Dock to appear."

    The panel already moves under any other windows to keep out
    of your way. What benefit does hiding it give?

    • summary: panel autohide option --> panel autohide option - why do I need it?
    • status: pending --> open
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    The answer is quite simple:

    The panel being under any active window is nice to get it
    out of the way, but the fastest method to get it into the
    way when needed is the autohide function. Plus, it keeps the
    screen tidy and looks better IMHO.

    This is possibly the reason why all other wide-spreaded GUI
    systems (M$ Win32, Mac OS X) use some sort of autohide panel.

    If you don't want to autohide your panel, you don't need to.
    I did not meant to ask for you to make rox autohide its
    panel by default, I just want the option. Since many users
    come from the aforementioned systems, it would probably help
    them to get familar with rox.

    Thanks for your answer,

  • Gabriel Many
    Gabriel Many

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    I don't see the hard in adding the ability, I'd like the feature. Hiding the
    taskbar genereally does not mean that when it appears other windows will
    be modified. It just puts the taskbar on top when the mouse is at the edge
    of the screen. The current system with WMs that allow windows to
    completely cover the taskbar means that the taskbar never appears, even
    with the mouse at the edge of the screen.

    I guess if that latter problem could be resolved, it wouldn't be a big deal, but
    I do find it aesthetically pleasing to sometimes to see the entire screen with
    nothing on it.