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  • Committed [394178]

    dch urgencey=low.

  • Committed [598473]

    Build-Depends on librsvg2-bin.

  • Committed [2fa9e7]

    * Fixed metadata_license and screenshot in appdata

  • Committed [5578a8]

    Fixed Closes tag.

  • Committed [5ed748]

    Build-Depends on original imagemagick, not grap...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #106 on RoxTerm

    roxterm --zoom 2 works OK for me too :-(. I could try adding some debugging log messages...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #106 on RoxTerm

    How exactly are you using it? It seems to be working correctly for me so please let...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on RoxTerm

    Sorry, I can't imagine that I'd ever implement that. I don't have as much time or...

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