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  • Committed [2dbf52]

    Tidied up news.

  • Committed [515bd8]

    * Support ssh URI matching (by Karl E. Jorgensen).

  • Committed [16e4e7]

    Better regexes for URI matching.

  • Committed [6a7d55]

    Add "icedove" as a mailer.

  • Committed [c2860e]

    Add "google-chrome" to browser list.

  • Committed [b9534b]

    Fixed ssh URI matching and parsing.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #101 on RoxTerm

    Thanks for that. The existing version of roxterm seemed to work OK in Ubuntu trusty...

  • Committed [e10367]

    * Added GTK & VTE version summary to About dialog.

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