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  • Posted a comment on ticket #123 on RoxTerm

    I think there's a problem when the command is too long to fit on one line and/or...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #122 on RoxTerm

    I can't reproduce this, but I've got a vague memory that someone else had this problem....

  • Committed [2b3839]

    Avoid broken version of gettext with Build-Depe...

  • Committed [4ae9e0]

    * Fade text and bg colour labels along with but...

  • Committed [6fc14b]

    Temporary workaround for xgettext glade bug.

  • Committed [75b190]

    * Update New Window/Tab With Profile submenus (...

  • Committed [56b3ca]

    xgettext works on glade again.

  • Committed [7ee9ad]

    Remove 3rd row of palette widgets.

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